Project Trip to Luwero: PART III (of III)

Project Trip to Luwero: PART III

Saturday September 20: Hot water for locals only
Today was another full work day at the guesthouse. We were able to get a lot done and are about ready for the presentation. It’s nice to be on schedule so no one had to pull an all-nighter. Actually, everyone was in bed by 10:30pm.

The eMi Team (L to R): Nate, me, Brady, Nick, Liz, Jeremy, Janet and Anna

Funny Story: Until tonight, we’ve had this whole wing of the guesthouse to ourselves – we have actually only seen a couple of other people beyond the guesthouse staff. So this afternoon, they informed us that 6 people would be joining the main building where our work room is. When they arrived, the guesthouse staff was getting them settled – they are a group of older Ugandans, probably in their 60’s (I say “older” because that’s really old for Ugandans). So later on, I walked down the hall past their rooms to use the restroom and I noticed that the guesthouse staff has left small jerry-can’s of hot water outside each of their rooms. What gives?! We’ve been taking cold showers all week! Apparently, you have to ask if you want hot water. We all got a good laugh about it, and actually, we’re all used to the cold showers now anyways and probably prefer it over a hot ‘bucket bath’ anyways.
Sunday September 21: Presentation Day
This morning we got up and had our own church service, since the ministry is currently located about 2 hours drive away from the new site and from where we're staying. So we sang some worship songs and then listened to a recorded sermon Brady had on his computer from a pastor in the States.

The team finalizing the design before the presentation

We then spent the day finalizing everything – the architects sketched and colored 11 drawings, we finalized the power point presentation and readied our presentation remarks.
At 4:30pm, we then presented our week’s worth of work to about 30 people the ministry had invited, including two of the local area council members.

Some of the hand-drawn renderings the architects produced, with our structural roof framing plan and foundation plan between. The architects produced 11 different rendering sheets. The overall Master Plan is on the right, with the primary and secondary schools on the left.

It went really well, and the feedback was very positive. The ministry was very pleased and excited to have their vision on paper. The power point didn’t quite work out the best because we were missing the cords to the ministry’s projector, so we just set a couple of computers up front and cycled through it that way.
We concluded the day’s festivities with a big feast. We were all pretty tired, but after everyone left, we all sat down and, as is customary, had our closing meeting and sharing time. Each person gives their high and low point, what God’s taught them that week, and then everyone else shares something encouraging about that person that they’ve noticed during the week. It was about a 3 hour meeting, but it always is a great chance to both conclude the trip and solidify the bonds of friendship made.

A rendering of the Bible Training Centre - our draftsman Jeremy created a 3D model in Google 'Sketch-up', and then the architects traced over it and colored it, adding trees, people and topography to make it look more lifelike. Pretty cool looking, and the ministry was very impressed and pleased.

Monday September 22: Homeward Bound!
I woke up at 6:20am, 20 minutes before my alarm even though I had gone to bed well after midnight. I was ready to get home to see Alisha and the boys. We packed up, and after a brief struggle with the battery of the mini-bus we were borrowing, we hit the road. I drove the mini-bus back to Kampala, as the ministry had left it behind for us. It worked out great.
Nate had an FM transmitter for his Ipod, so he played DJ of some great hits from the 80’s…Tainted Love , Rock Me Amadeus, Video Killed the Radio Star, Mister Mister, and many others. I can’t tell you how weird it is to hear songs that you haven’t heard since you were a kid while you’re driving through rural Africa!

The team apparently interested in something Brady is saying or doing

Back in town, Alisha and Graysen came to the office to see me, and it was a lot of fun. Then, the group went out to lunch at a nice place here in town, and Alisha and the boys joined us afterwards to swim…except that a thunderstorm rolled through town during lunch and ruined the swim plans. So we all headed over to where Nate and his wife Alicia are staying. Alicia’s sister works for the U.S. Embassy here, so they have a very nice house (feels like back home inside) and also a very cute little Shitzhu dog named ‘Romeo’ they brought from the U.S. The rain stopped so we all played Bocce ball in the backyard.

Simon cutting into a Jackfruit he cut down from one of the many Jackfruit trees on site

The inside of a jackfruit - this is about the diameter of a basketball. It has a weird taste and a very sticky sap inside. The closest description I've heard is that it tastes like JuicyFruit gum.
By the end of the day, I was glad to have the trip finally over. It was a lot of fun and a great group of people to be around, but you can’t beat home. After putting the boys to bed, Alisha, Dani and I watched an episode of Monk our neighbor had downloaded before heading to bed. That’s the last thing I remember…


Traci Morrow said…
As per you and Mom and Dad's advice to try Monk - Kc and I watched a re run the other day because it was on.

I love that actor from WINGS days, but his role is so different in this. Is he OCD or supposed to be on the spectrum? His character is SO loveable - so quirky.

Anyway, I love this blog. Have I said that lately? Sometimes I like to just read it because it makes me feel closer to what you guys are doing over there. :)


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