Cranes' World Cup Qualifier

Me and my niece Dani at the game - please note that I was wearing my Ducks' hat with pride!

This past Sunday, I went to the Ugandan National Teams' ('The Cranes') final World Cup qualifier match against group leader Benin along with a group of about 20 eMi people. It was an amazing experience. Uganda came back from being down 1-0 to win 2-1 with two second-half goals in a 3 minute span. The place went wild when they took the lead. And at the end of the game, the riot police fired shots in the air to scatter the rowdy crowd (on the opposite side of the stadium) from throwing things on the visiting players. I drove my friend Matt (from Michigan) on the back of my boda to get to the stadium. It was a kick - he held a Ugandan flag in his hand, so everyone was yelling at us in approval as we approached the stadium.

Me before the game outside Nelson Mandela Stadium, on the outskirts of Kampala. (I'm walking backwards - that isn't some dorky pose)

Unfortunately, because of the outcome of other games, they just missed moving on to the next round of qualifying games. Bummer, no more games for quite a while now.

Part of the eMi crew at the game

Otherwise, life has been good, though I've been battling sickness the last 2 weeks. I've had a weird cold/stomach bug that has had me throwing up, coughing, fever, the runs, and just overall very tired. The doctor first treated me for salmonella, but I don't think that was it. Now he's treating me for giardia, so we'll see. I have improved quite a bit, but I can't yet tell if it's the medicine or if the bug is just moving along.This coming Monday, I will board a bus for Rwanda with two of the interns. It's a 9-hour bus trip with only a stop at the border for a potty break. It should be interesting - I have no plans to eat or drink that day until I arrive in Kigali off the bus! We're there until Thursday, when we'll catch the same bus trip home. I'm excited to get to go to Rwanda, and glad I'll only be gone from home 3 nights. We're going to help a theological college with their expansion. I'll try to update with some pictures of Rwanda when I get home.

Introducing the players (Uganda is in yellow)

The game at kickoff

One side of the stadium was totally full - the shady side! You could hear a pin drop when Benin took the lead in the 30th minute - that was surreal.

Me and the eMi Office Manager, Semei. My friend Matt is on the other side of Semei.

The place went nuts after Uganda's 2nd goal in a 3-minute span!


Traci Morrow said…
Brad, how you can say you're not photogenic is loopy! That pic of you and Dan is a GREAT ONE of both of you!!! :)

Love the soccer game - I'm hoping we can come to Uganda JUST for the game.

lol :) justa kidding!!

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