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Random November updates

A Family shot at the rock quarry, just before dusk
Brief, random updates over the past few weeks:

* We're very much enjoying having my niece Traci here for these 6 weeks. She is a great person and a lot of fun to have around. It's been a lot of fun for Dani too, as the two of them have been going out on the town some - karaoke, a concert, walking to dinner, etc. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to her on Dec. 3rd.

* Our water has been turning off for longer periods recently. It's mainly because the lines are so bad they keep breaking, but they are also trying to do some bigger repairs. This past week it was off for 2 days, so for the first time since we've been here we actually ran out of water in our storage tank. Unfortunately, Traci was in the shower all lathered up when it ran out, so Alisha had to bring her some water from our drinking water cooler to rinse off. It ran out at 1pm in the afternoon and the city water didn't turn back on until almost 10pm. T…