*Visa Update*

Well, God has answered another prayer, as we are now in possession of all 6 passports with legitimate visas!! I went to immigration this morning right as it opened and no one else was there. So I went in and the lady who had me take a seat was trying to set the time on a little clock her boyfriend (who was working in the same room nearby) had given her for Christmas. I didn't want to appear too obnoxious, so I kind of nonchalantly offered to help, which she was grateful for. So she found the two passports and gave them to me while I 'fixed' her clock. After I handed her the clock, I explained the dilemma and showed her that Alisha's new Special Pass was expiring today, telling her that we were leaving in 4 weeks. She said, "Oh, then I'll give you a visitor's pass for 30 days." I said, "Can you do that?" So she stamped her passport and verified that 30 days was enough, I said, "that would be great", she signed it and that was that. Unbelievable how easy it was! She didn't make me pay or anything!
So I thanked her and made a joke asking why the clock didn't come with any jewelry like a ring loud enough for her boyfriend to hear. They all got a good laugh and I walked out, kind of in shock at how easy it had gone. Thank you God. I'm pretty sure that woman has no idea how many people were praying for her, but I pray God gives her a special blessing this Christmas for the special blessing she unwittingly gave us.
God delights in giving us good gifts, and we are sure thankful for this one. Love and thanks for the prayers!


Kristen said…
So fun to see how God works!!
Anonymous said…
And I'm so graeful I didn't have to cosign for a mortgage on the airport!
Dad B

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