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Back in the USA - Dec 2009

We're back in the USA and enjoying our time with family and friends! Here are some pictures to prove it! Merry Christmas to all our family and friends, whether in the USA or Uganda! We love you all!

On the stopover in London - we made a dash through town to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square - a good 2 miles of walking, which was perfect with the 10 hour flight to San Francisco looming.

My dad and I flew up to Oregon the day after we arrived back to go to the U of O v. OSU 'Civil War' game - the Ducks' won so we're on to the Rose Bowl Jan. 1st! My dad has tickets so we'll be at that game too! Being back at Autzen stadium was awesome!

Alisha and my mom at the women's dinner at Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley.

Alisha's mom reading the boys a bedtime story.

The Crawford and Sampson boys at In-N-Out

Our dear friends CJ and Lindsay at Starbucks in Medford (I should say, 'one of' the Starbucks in Medford - couldn't they share one o…

Oct-Nov 2009

I have to begin by apologizing for the long gap in blogs! I don't really have one good excuse but a bunch of little ones. I will try to do better! But instead of telling you what we've been up to, I thought it best to just show you! Enjoy!
(Also, we're heading home to the U.S. for a visit in just over two weeks, so hopefully we'll be able to see many of you in person while we're back. We can't wait!!)

Graysen at his first soccer game. As a 5-year old on the U7 team, he's a full head shorter than most of the other kids on the field. But he's fiesty! Before the first game he walked out onto the field and asked the other team, "Are you afraid of us?" The other kids just looked down at him and laughed!

Alisha doing what she loves best - public speaking! Ha! She dreaded this assembly for 2 weeks leading up to it! But she and the kindergarten class did well in their chapel presentation at school.
Brodie practicing his piano - he's sticking with it, …

September is over!

Coming into September we knew it was going to be a hectic month with both project trips in our office going out and then another team coming from the Colorado Springs office to do a project here with several members of that team staying on for a week afterwards to visit around the office. Around home, school was getting into full gear with the boys' soccer teams starting practices and the swim team getting going as well (I didn't even know they were on the swim team, but they practice each week with their classes so apparently that means they participate in the meets!). But even though we were expecting it, it still felt like even more of a whirlwind than we were anticipating. So we are happy that October is here, especially because that means we're one month closer to our trip home in December...actually 59 days from now!! Heritage Int'l School had it's first swim meet against two of the other international schools in town this past week. Alisha helped organize the …

Kenya Project Trip Part III of III

The project team, overlooking Lake Nakuru National Park. (L to R: architect Jill, civil engineer Elisa, Jason, architect intern Jaclyn, civil intern Travis, architect Casey, ag engineer Roger, and me)
It's a small national park compared to Masai Mara and the others in Kenya, but it was loaded with rhinos and flamingoes (we saw about 20 rhinos). We did a 4-hour safari drive on the last day as a closing time activity. The park was actually about a mile down the road from our hotel.


On Thursday, as we returned to work on the project, we began to hear reports from back home that riots had broken out in Kampala. Since this is not all that unusual of an occurrence (maybe once or twice a year), we weren’t too concerned about it. But on Friday morning, Alisha called me with panic in her voice telling me that they had just announced that they were closing the school for the day since the riots were spreading out from the city center into other parts of town. Alisha was pretty scare…