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We’re off to the USA!

The taxi is here and we’re leaving for the airport in just a few minutes! We are so excited the time has finally come to head back to visit with so many people we have missed this past year. We love you and can’t wait to see as many of you as possible very soon! Please pray for safe and smooth travels – and for sleepy boys! :) The matatu (taxi) just arrived so we snapped a quick shot of the travelers! USA here we come!

Follow-up on Buhdro

We thought we should follow up our last post with some of what has happened since the waterslide incident on the 1st. First of all, we want to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support and nice words that have been sent our way by comments on the blog and emails. Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words - it was so nice to have the support and prayers of so many of you as we worked through the whole ordeal. But I also wanted to share some of what we've done since then to help ourselves work through our feelings and also to hopefully help out a little. On the Sunday after it happened, we decided to have 'home church' so we could talk through it with the boys. They had a lot of questions to discuss. Jonah had a hard time, after seeing Buhdro's dead body, reconciling the idea that his soul was still alive and now was in Heaven (I can understand where he's coming from, as the idea that this person's soul is still alive just moments after…

I have no idea what title to give this post

I don’t know if it’s too soon to be writing about this, but maybe it will help us work through some of what we experienced yesterday (New Year’s Day) – as our day culminated in us frantically, but sadly, unsuccessfully trying to save a 5 year old Ugandan boy’s life. This is what happened.
Yesterday morning, we had decided to take the boys to Didi’s World (the local amusement park) later in the day when the water slides opened at 1pm, but until then we’d take what’s become our usual trip to go swimming at the ARA (American Recreation Association) since it’s so hot this time of year. As 2:30pm rolled around at the pool, we almost decided to skip the waterslides since we knew it would probably be busy and we were having a nice time at the pool.
But the boys had their hearts set and we had promised as long as the weather held out, which it did.
When we arrived, we paused at the ticket gate because we could see that the waterslide ‘pool’ was packed, the water was a disgusting gray color that …