Follow-up on Buhdro

We thought we should follow up our last post with some of what has happened since the waterslide incident on the 1st. First of all, we want to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support and nice words that have been sent our way by comments on the blog and emails. Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words - it was so nice to have the support and prayers of so many of you as we worked through the whole ordeal. But I also wanted to share some of what we've done since then to help ourselves work through our feelings and also to hopefully help out a little.
On the Sunday after it happened, we decided to have 'home church' so we could talk through it with the boys. They had a lot of questions to discuss. Jonah had a hard time, after seeing Buhdro's dead body, reconciling the idea that his soul was still alive and now was in Heaven (I can understand where he's coming from, as the idea that this person's soul is still alive just moments after their physical body has died is difficult to imagine when you're looking at the body mere seconds after it died). After we read some bible verses about heaven and the coming life we get to spend with Jesus, we all drew a picture of what Buhdro was doing in heaven.
Graysen's drawing of Buhdro in Heaven (Alisha wrote down Graysen's interpretation of his picture)
Jonah drew Buhdro in Heaven riding a skateboard with birds flying in the sky
This past weekend, Alisha and I wrote up some things that we felt could be done at the park to help prevent such an accident from occurring again. While we are obviously not experts on the subject, if you saw the conditions there I think most anyone could come up with a number of ideas. Since we have been to many waterslide parks with the boys back in the States we could easily see the glaring differences in safety precautions and procedures. So on Saturday, we stopped by Didi's World and Alisha delivered the document to the manager whom we had dealt with on the day of the incident. She was most gracious and said she would take a very serious look at our suggestions and see what they could do.
Brodie's picture of Buhdro playing basketball in Heaven
On her way out of the park, Alisha went by the slides and found Michael working again. She invited him to attend a First Aid class with us that we had learned about 2 days after the incident, and told him we would sponsor his fees for the class. He was very thankful for the opportunity, and this past Tuesday he was there waiting out front when we arrived for the class. It will be a 4 week session for 2 1/2 hours each Tuesday morning at 10am. We will only be able to make the first two sessions due to our trip home, but Michael will attend all four classes, and at the end will receive his certification.
Dani's picture of Buhdro meeting with God and Jesus before entering through the door into Heaven - his family and friends await him through the window
The first class was very good, and after telling the instructor our story she agreed to cover CPR and drowning in the second class so we can be there. The class will be offered again in a few months, so at that time we'll catch the other 2 classes.
Alisha's picture of Buhdro playing soccer next to a stream in Heaven
But we were so glad that Michael showed up as he said he would. Getting this certification could really help him in his career - he apparently has worked at Didi's World for 8 years, since it opened. But more importantly, he will now be a resource for the whole amusement park should something happen on any of the rides. He could even get moved over to the 'First Aid' stand since he'll actually be trained in First Aid (imagine that, a First Aid worker actually having First Aid training! :) ). We also found out that he has two young boys of his own at home.
Anyway, all of these little things have really helped us let go of some of the frustrations and sadness of the whole situation. And, our hope is that Buhdro's sad death that day will end up saving the lives of other children.
My picture of Buhdro eating a hamburger while surfing with a pink mohawk in Heaven (yes, that's a Manchester United jersey he's wearing! :) )


Traci Morrow said…
You guys got some mad drawing skillz! :)

Great idea....and YAY for Michael!! A list of ideas is GREAT! Little Buhdro will not have left this earth in vain if your plans save another kid. (or 6) So Buhdro becomes a bit of a hero... :) At least to us, who will remember him probably till we leave this earth to join him riding the wave with our own eternal pink mohawks. :) LOL

Brother Brad, do you have a bit of a punk rock side hidden in you, where you secretly hope God grants you a pink head of hair in eternity? :)

Counting down the days... :)
5Crawfords said…
Yeah, you figured me out. I'm so punk-rock I even went so far as to include Beach Boys lyrics on my drawing. Nothing says punk-rock quite like the hard core sounds of punk-rock icons Brian Wilson and the boys! Ha! :)
Kristen said…
I LOVE all your pictures, and I love that you, Brad and Alisha, both joined in with the pictures!!
Wendy Mayfield said…
What a great idea for the boys! They're such little artists! Brad- I got a good laugh from your picture! What an accomplishment to get Michael the training he needs! Buhdro is smiling upon your family!
Elaine said…
What a neat idea. I was so saddened by your last post and heartbroken for your family and Buhdro's. You are not only amazing people but amazing parents. Thank you so much for your encouragement as well, to us "new" parents. I'm so glad you all get to come home for a while. God bless your precious family.
terri said…
Great update Brad!! Wow, that was a divinely inspired idea you guys had and followed thru with and the drawings are amazing! So healing for you all, great parental wisdom, and so awesome for Michael too! You guys are truly a living rock that entered the pond of uganda and the ripples of love are and will be far reaching!! so cool!!!counting down the minutes and seconds til you cause some wonderful ripples over here in the u.s.!!! love your guts xxoxoxo

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