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Back 'home'

After 5 weeks that couldn't have been any better than they were, we've arrived back in Uganda safe and sound. Though we miss our loved ones back in the U.S., it's good to be back in our home and not living out of a suitcase.
We feel so blessed to have had the chance to come home and visit - it was definitely the recharging we needed. Even though we loved our time and miss our family and friends and life back in Oregon/California, we feel really good about being back here now for this chapter in our lives. We had a forced overnight layover in Paris on the way home, so even though we were jet-lagged and exhausted, we forced ourselves into taking a bus tour of the city. It was pretty amazing to see so many things you've only seen in movies. Now that we're back, the boys will get back to school on Monday, and me back to work (though I've been working some throughout the trip preparing for my upcoming project trip). I leave in 10 days to head out to the shore of Lake V…