Showering under the stars

Since I've received so many emails and comments about my late night showers under the moonlight, I had to post this picture I found from one of my volunteers. I've added the white arrow pointing out the shower stalls. The brick walls formed two side by side stalls about 7 feet tall, with no roof. The building on the far right is the composting latrine, with the main building in the middle background. It wasn't quite dark yet, but this picture was a great shot of what it was like.
Seeing it makes me miss those showers - they kind of turned into a significant moment for me in regards to the bigger picture of our time here and with eMi, as being out in nature away from the city and alone beneath the stars reminded me of where God had brought our family and how following God's plan for your life, though oftentimes difficult and illogical, can certainly lead to exciting adventures and stretch you in ways you never thought possible. It also solidified on my heart a desire to be a part of what God is doing in this world.


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