One project completed, heading out on the next one Sunday!

This past week, myself and interns Ryan and Lindsay completed our project report for New Hope Uganda's new Musana Camps site. Since we've been back from the project trip, I have been overseeing the staff, interns and volunteers from the trip as we've finalized the project report. This process typically takes 3 months or longer, but due to time constriants with my next project our timeline was shortened to 7 weeks!

Civil Engineering Intern Ryan, working on site during the trip

Architectural Intern Lindsay, sketching renderings on the project trip
Last week, the process of making corrections, printing and binding the reports and preparing them to mail out to the ministry and trip volunteers has kept us all busy. In all, the eMi team has spent over 1700 hours working on this project! I don't have any pictures of the completion process, but our outgoing Director Chad Gamble made up a great photo essay of the whole process for his trip, which printed this week. So if you'd like to see a bunch of pictures of what the process of finalizing an eMi report looks like, check out this link Chad created. Thanks Chad for the great idea!
Chad Gamble, the Director of eMi -East Africa. Chad founded the eMi-East Africa office back in 2003 and has been the Director ever since. Next month, he will be moving back to Sacramento with his wife Shanthi and 4 children. We are all mourning his departure as he has been a great boss, leader, mentor and friend.
This coming Sunday morning at 4am, I am heading out on my next project trip. This time, I am leading a team of 8 staff, interns and volunteers to Mwanza, Tanzania to design an orphanage, school and medical clinic for End Times Glory Ministries. The trip is 600 kilometers (about 375 miles) but we're estimating will take 14 to 16 hours! We've hired a minivan and driver to drive us, so at least we won't be stuck on a bus (the trip on a bus takes 20 hours!). I'd appreciate your prayers for safety as the roads here in East Africa are the most dangerous part of being here. If you want to check out where we'll be, the Google Earth coordinates are: 2-deg, 31', 25.38"S, 32-deg, 49', 55.18"E. Check back in a couple of weeks for posts and pictures from this trip.


Christine said…
We are very excited to meet you there, Brad! Wayne, Debra, Shannon and I leave for the Mpls airport at 10AM central. We will arrive in Mwanza at aprox 6-8PM Sunday evening central time. We will pray for a safe trip for all! See you soon!

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