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Family Survey Trip

Yesterday, Alisha's dad and I drove two hours north of Kampala to revisit the site of my Fall 2008 project trip for SOS Ministries. After designing a bible training center, primary school and secondary school for SOS, they are now ready to move forward with building.
Before they arrived last week, Alisha's dad had said he would love to be involved on some kind of eMi project while he was here. So, I kept that in the back of my mind, and when Shannon with SOS Ministries called me a couple of weeks ago I thought it could be fun. And it turns out, I was right! The survey crew - which included these 5 local guys who followed us around and chopped down whatever was in our line of sight. They all work for SOS. We both very much enjoyed their presence throughout the day and were very appreciative of their help.

Just setting out to search for the existing control points, armed with a machette, a metal detector and a map.

We left our house at 6am, arriving on site around 8am. Over the next…


Alisha's parents arrived for a month-long visit this past Friday morning! So far so good on jet lag for them so that's been great. We are really enjoying having them here, though it reminds us of how much we miss our family and friends back home. On Sunday, we went to visit their sponsor child Hassan, whose family lives about 5 miles from our house. They sponsor him through Africa Renewal Ministries (eMi has designed multiple projects for them - the bible college, the primary school). We had visited him last summer when they were here, so they wanted to be sure to visit him again. This is a photo collage of the morning we spent driving to nearby Ggaba village to meet with Hassan. It was a special treat for them to spend time with Hassan - what percentage of people ever get to meet their sponsor child?!
The Berry's with their sponsor child Hassan (middle, blue shirt), Hassan's older brother Moses (far right) and his younger sister Shifa.

The boys with Hassan's siblin…

Since we last updated...

Their last picture together before saying goodbye - I don't know if they'll remember her as a sister, an aunt, a cousin, or a nanny, but one things for certain, they won't forget Dani! SINCE WE LAST UPDATED:

* I have fully transitioned into the role of Director of the eMi East Africa office. I’m finding myself much busier these days than I have been since we arrived here a year and a half ago, but overall things are going well.

Chad & I hanging out at their going away party. * My project team has been working hard these past few weeks and were able to finalize our project report this past week! It turned out great and we’ll be mailing it to the ministry this coming week.
* The boys participated in three, week-long camps at the school: soccer camp, basketball camp, and a ‘superstar’ camp that taught them about both sports and character. On the last day of superstar camp, over 600 Ugandan primary school kids came to participate in various games and sports. Samaritan’s Purse …