Family Survey Trip

Yesterday, Alisha's dad and I drove two hours north of Kampala to revisit the site of my Fall 2008 project trip for SOS Ministries. After designing a bible training center, primary school and secondary school for SOS, they are now ready to move forward with building.
Before they arrived last week, Alisha's dad had said he would love to be involved on some kind of eMi project while he was here. So, I kept that in the back of my mind, and when Shannon with SOS Ministries called me a couple of weeks ago I thought it could be fun. And it turns out, I was right!
The survey crew - which included these 5 local guys who followed us around and chopped down whatever was in our line of sight. They all work for SOS. We both very much enjoyed their presence throughout the day and were very appreciative of their help.

Just setting out to search for the existing control points, armed with a machette, a metal detector and a map.

We left our house at 6am, arriving on site around 8am. Over the next 10 hours, we first located and then tied into existing control points, set a new control point to set the instrument up on, and then staked out the new entrance road and the first building to be built on site. I ran the instrument and dad ran the rod - which meant a lot of walking for him!
The "rod man" (Alisha's dad Ken Berry)
After finishing up the stakeout (with a delicious lunch in the middle provided by Shannon's wife Danielle), we packed up and headed for home. Kampala traffic was in full form, so we didn't get home until 8:30pm! But we got everything we were hoping to finish complete, so it was a great day. And, it was a great chance to work and hang out together on a project deep in the African bush. I'm so thankful we got to do this - it was really a special day, and though we were exhausted when we finally got home, there's no doubt we'll both remember this day for the rest of our lives.

Me running the instrument (it had been 10 years since I had run one of these, but Janet and Chad had given me a refresher course back at the office)

Some shots were in the clearing, so they were easy...

...some shots were more difficult...

...and some were downright ridiculous, but we managed to get them all!

After a hard day's work, Shannon (pictured with us here along with his 7-year old son Ethan) was very appreciative to be staked out to start building. It's nice to see one of my projects starting construction (there are a few others in construction now as well).


Ryan Williams said…
Exciting indeed! Surveying is no easy task! This sounds like a typical survey day to me, hehe. Makes me want to fly back and help with stuff again. :D

Im curious:
1) How big was the stakeout site?
2) How badly sunburnt did you get?
3) Did the batteries die on you?
4) Did you use the Trimble?
DellaRose said…
I went to College with Shannon and Danielle and my sister has been to help them on a STM...what a small world! Tell them Ruth Dyer says hi. I now attend Neighborhood which is where I met your family on your last visit

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