Alisha's parents arrived for a month-long visit this past Friday morning! So far so good on jet lag for them so that's been great. We are really enjoying having them here, though it reminds us of how much we miss our family and friends back home. On Sunday, we went to visit their sponsor child Hassan, whose family lives about 5 miles from our house. They sponsor him through Africa Renewal Ministries (eMi has designed multiple projects for them - the bible college, the primary school). We had visited him last summer when they were here, so they wanted to be sure to visit him again. This is a photo collage of the morning we spent driving to nearby Ggaba village to meet with Hassan. It was a special treat for them to spend time with Hassan - what percentage of people ever get to meet their sponsor child?!

The Berry's with their sponsor child Hassan (middle, blue shirt), Hassan's older brother Moses (far right) and his younger sister Shifa.

The boys with Hassan's siblings

We all walked to Hassan's house(about 1.5 km away) through the dirt roads and side alleys.

Jonah held hands with Moses most of the way. It's amazing how comfortable the boys are in this culture. They are perfectly at home here, even though it is so drastically different from back home in the U.S.

Graysen always treats the little ones in the group like they are babies...even if they're older than he is like in this picture!

As usual, we were followed by a group of about 15 Ugandan kids, and Brodie kept chasing after them and making them laugh the entire trip. It looks like he's begging in this photo, but he's actually just using his hands to explain something.
The local kids chasing through the halls after Brodie

The last few hundred meters of the walk was through small corridors between shanties in a little village. It was a very interesting walk, and unbelievable to see the poverty level and filth even though this would not be considered one of the poorest of the poor housing developments in Kampala. But there was trash and grey water running all over the place.
Graysen winding his way through the village

Leaving Hassan's house - it's the building in background. His family shares the building with another family, whose door is on the right.

Alisha's mom pictured with Hassan's mom, who was very appreciate of the Berry's and all they'd done for Hassan. They also brought her a basket filled with local supplies.


Traci Morrow said…
What a great collage! :)
Loved them all - especially seeing the lovely Aunt Alish's beautifully sculpted arms!! :) heee

The picture of Graysen hugging the "baby" was A RIOT!!!!!

Miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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