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September is over!

Coming into September we knew it was going to be a hectic month with both project trips in our office going out and then another team coming from the Colorado Springs office to do a project here with several members of that team staying on for a week afterwards to visit around the office. Around home, school was getting into full gear with the boys' soccer teams starting practices and the swim team getting going as well (I didn't even know they were on the swim team, but they practice each week with their classes so apparently that means they participate in the meets!). But even though we were expecting it, it still felt like even more of a whirlwind than we were anticipating. So we are happy that October is here, especially because that means we're one month closer to our trip home in December...actually 59 days from now!! Heritage Int'l School had it's first swim meet against two of the other international schools in town this past week. Alisha helped organize the …