Back in the USA - Dec 2009

We're back in the USA and enjoying our time with family and friends! Here are some pictures to prove it! Merry Christmas to all our family and friends, whether in the USA or Uganda! We love you all!

On the stopover in London - we made a dash through town to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square - a good 2 miles of walking, which was perfect with the 10 hour flight to San Francisco looming.

My dad and I flew up to Oregon the day after we arrived back to go to the U of O v. OSU 'Civil War' game - the Ducks' won so we're on to the Rose Bowl Jan. 1st! My dad has tickets so we'll be at that game too! Being back at Autzen stadium was awesome!

Alisha and my mom at the women's dinner at Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley.

Alisha's mom reading the boys a bedtime story.

The Crawford and Sampson boys at In-N-Out

Our dear friends CJ and Lindsay at Starbucks in Medford (I should say, 'one of' the Starbucks in Medford - couldn't they share one of their stores with Kampala?!

My Uncle Ed and I - great to see him and the whole Taucher family.

Jonah and Graysen went horseback riding with Uncle 'Buck' and cousin Tate. (Notice the plastic bags around their feet? Alisha's solution to protecting their new shoes! They look ridiculous, but I love it. John Wayne is turning over in his grave!)

Building a snowman with my dad in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Jonah & Brodie with their former pre-K teacher, Mrs. Mayfield.

Alisha and Emilie - so happy to be together again!

Me and Matt - so much fun and laughs.

Brodie and Parker Sampson after enjoying endless gluten-free fries at Red Robin!

The boys with the DeJong kids in Davis, CA

Alisha & Stacia - once again at Starbucks!

Alisha and Jessica - NOT at Starbucks! Jessica's husband Jason came to Uganda earlier this year on one of my project trips.


Shanthi Gamble said…
Hey! Love your blog! How do you get to post so many pics in one blog? I only get 4.

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