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Word of Life Project Trip - Part III

Part III of III
Sunday February 14, 2010:
Today was a busy day! We were on the WOL bus at 7:45am to head back into Kampala for church. First, we went to the church at Kampala International University where Thomas was speaking. It was a larger church with around 400 people in the service. Thomas did a nice job – he’s a very engaging speaker and had the congregation laughing at many points along the way. After this first service, we drove across town to a very small church with maybe 25 people in attendance. This was Thomas’ family’s home church, and Thomas is one of the elders. The other elder, Peter, gave the message on Hebrews about how we are to live our Christian lives as if we were running a race, persevering to the end. It was a good message and a very different ‘Africa Church’ experience from our larger ‘Africa Church’ experience earlier that morning.
After the services were over, we drove to the downtown mall and ate at the food court. It was a fun time and very generous of Thomas…

Word of Life Project Trip - Part II

The eMi team - (L to R) Denis, me, Matt, Pearly, Rachel, Kelly, Rick, Kate, Josh and Eric Part II of III
Thursday February 11, 2010:

Jonah and I woke up around 7am and went for breakfast and devotion time with the team. Jonah was so good during the devotion time – he didn’t make any noise and seemed to be interested in what was going on. Afterwards, I headed out surveying again and Jonah was all over helping me.

Intern Matt and I heading out to survey.
Jonah and Graysen were willing helpers.
The damp bandanas we tied on our head were lifesavers from the scorching sun. Though we didn’t know it at the time, the survey problems from the day before carried over into today. For some reason, our points kept showing up about 200 meters away from where they should be and about 25 meters lower in elevation. Standing out in the blazing sun all day only to find out that you need to re-shoot everything you’ve just shot places a special kind of strain on your patience! In the end, intern Rachel was able…

Word of Life Project Trip - Feb 2010

Part I of III
Monday February 8, 2010:
This project trip is working with a ministry called Word of Life (WOL). WOL has been around for over 60 years and is in over 60 countries around the world. Their main focus is evangelism and discipleship for youth, primary using camps and discipleship training centers to reach kids. This will be a different project experience for me as we are only about 20 miles from our house as a crow flies. Alisha and the boys are planning to drive out to visit on Wednesday, which is also Jonah’s 7th birthday.
After a late night picking up volunteers at the airport, the team met at the office at 10am and was picked up by the ministry shortly thereafter. But instead of a 19 or 12 hour drive to the site like my last two project trips, after 40 minutes we were stepping off the mini-bus onto the small soccer field used by the primary school on site. Thomas Obunde, the WOL-Uganda director, greeted us, as did the uniformed school kids from afar as we sized up our initi…