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One Saturday morning in 2004, I woke up early (around 5am) with my mind racing about an idea I had for writing a book. I laid there for about a half hour while I planned the book out in my mind, before finally getting up and typing out a brief outline on the computer. When Alisha got up, we discussed it and began the process of developing it further. Now, nearly 6 years later, the book that I awoke with in my mind and we worked out together over many hours, days, weeks, months and years is finally published!
The book is titled: 'The First Steps, A Parent's Guide to Fighting Autism". Obviously, this directly relates to our own journey with helping our son Brodie battle this disorder. But beyond that, it's a guide for other parents who are in a similar boat - in particular, those that are new to autism and don't know what steps to take to help their child. We wrote this to be a very practical, easy to read book that gives very specific things you can do to reorient your life and home to give your child the best possible chance for recovery.
We feel so blessed by our son Brodie, though the battle has been and is a long and oftentimes difficult one. But the remarkable improvements he made, especially early on, set the ground work for his leading virtually a normal life at this point. Autism will never leave Brodie, but he is getting better and better at overcoming the disorder on a daily, sometimes hourly, and often moment by moment basis. He has taught us a lot, and we still have a ton to learn.
If you know of someone who has recently found out their child has autism, or if you know of someone who is suspecting their child may have autism, or if like us, you recognize that there is something different about your child but you just can't figure out what it is - we wrote this book for you and hope it will be a great help and blessing to you, your family, and your special needs child.
You can order it on Amazon.com, amongst other places. Just search under Amazon books for 'The First Steps Crawford" and it should be the first book to come up. Alternatively, we have a link on the right hand side of our blog that takes you to the page.


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