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Building in the developing world

Another staff member in our office sent me the following videos. They are a great illustration of the paradigm shift required of engineers and designers in the developing world. For instance, back in the West (USA, Europe, etc.), minimizing labor even at the added expense of extra materials is the name of the game since labor is much more expensive than materials. In the developing world however, labor is extremely cheap, so hiring for example a team of laborers to hand dig a septic tank hole is far less expensive than hiring an excavator to do the job.
In these videos, you'll see how creative (and talented!) some of these laborers can be when they are asked to accomplish things that we would never dream of doing by hand back in the West. As it relates to eMi, when we're designing anything from buildings to water projects, we have to make sure that what we're designing is appropriate for the local labor practices - though as you'll see in these videos, their creativity …