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Our Last Week in Uganda

A week of packing and goodbyes has made us a little crazy! Our last week in Uganda is sure to prove to be a crazy and busy one, so we thought we’d share a short journal about everything we’ve doing to close down our lives here in Uganda and prepare for life back in the USA!

Saturday May 22, 2010:
5:30am: Woke up early to check the British Airways (BA) website to find that our flight is listed as operating normally! Finally, we can breathe a sign of relief that we will be able to leave June 1st.
10:30am: Picked up the Aylard’s (new eMi family that just arrived from Canada) and took them to the pool for the day.
7:00pm: Went to the guesthouse nearby for our going away party with eMi. It was a touching time where people said a lot of nice things about us and we were able to share what the East Africa office has meant to us. I promise I’m usually not a crier!

Sunday May 23, 2010:
9:30am: Picked up the Aylard’s and took them to church in town.
12:00pm: Stopped by the ‘mall’ to do some last minute …

Last days in Uganda - Part II

Jonah & Brodie at Graysen's Graduation on Brodie's 9th birthday. You can't tell in the picture, but Jonah is now 1/4" taller than Brodie (much to Brodie's displeasure!) We've just about said all of our goodbyes here now and have started the packing process. It's a surreal feeling to be leaving life once again. It's hard to believe that after leaving Medford 2 1/2 years ago, Kampala has grown to feel like home with so many friends and people who have been our 'family away from family'. Leaving here feels very similar to how we felt leaving Medford - we love our life here and the people we've met. I have loved working at the eMi East Africa office. I feel so priviledged to have been a part of the work that is done and teamed with the people who are doing it.
We really do feel like this is the time God has for us to step away - if we weren't so sure of that it would be much harder to leave. We are both excited and a little nervous about…

Some of our last days in Uganda...Part I

Here's a photo collage from our last few weeks in Uganda...we've met some great friends, seen some amazing places, and have been blessed beyond words at how God brought us to and through this experience. I feel so fortunate to have worked with the incredible ministries and talented professionals at the eMi East Africa office. It's been a life changing experience and one I hope will continue to shape our lives in the future. The Ugandan people will always hold a special place in our hearts and we pray that their country continues to develop into a prosperous and healthy place for it's people where God's love can overwrite generations of war, struggle and tragedy. Enjoy some pictures from our last weeks living in Uganda!

My good friends Joe (on left) and Matt (center) and I watching the English Premiership at the ARA club TV room. Most every Saturday afternoon/evening we'd meet up to watch the football (soccer) matches. Joe is from the UK and is unbiased as his te…