Last days in Uganda - Part II

Jonah & Brodie at Graysen's Graduation on Brodie's 9th birthday. You can't tell in the picture, but Jonah is now 1/4" taller than Brodie (much to Brodie's displeasure!)
We've just about said all of our goodbyes here now and have started the packing process. It's a surreal feeling to be leaving life once again. It's hard to believe that after leaving Medford 2 1/2 years ago, Kampala has grown to feel like home with so many friends and people who have been our 'family away from family'. Leaving here feels very similar to how we felt leaving Medford - we love our life here and the people we've met. I have loved working at the eMi East Africa office. I feel so priviledged to have been a part of the work that is done and teamed with the people who are doing it.
We really do feel like this is the time God has for us to step away - if we weren't so sure of that it would be much harder to leave. We are both excited and a little nervous about what lies ahead, but I am very excited to still be a part of the work eMi is doing, and I hope that my being in Colorado Springs can in some way still be of help to the East Africa office as well.
In these last days, we've had a lot of dinners, BBQ's and events that have allowed us to thoroughly say goodbye to our great friends here. We've also had a Kindergarten graduation for Graysen, a birthday party for Brodie (9), hosted my college friend Ryan for a couple of weeks, I'm playing in one last soccer tournament next weekend and Alisha is finalizing her school year this week! And, we've been tracking the British Airways strike and volcano to see if our flight is going to be cancelled! (So far, they are saying that our flight will not be cancelled due to the strike!) So, enjoy some pictures from our very busy last couple of weeks in Uganda...

Brodie's birthday party

Graysen and his teacher after 'graduation'

Even on tip-toes, Graysen's about the shortest in the class!
The kindergarten class had a parent's party in the room before the graduation ceremony (which was in front of the whole elementary school).
Graysen showing me what he's learned this year.
Interns Brittany and Megan being the drumset for Jonah at a welcome party at our house for the new Summer interns.
Our neighbor and pastor, Brian Kelly and I, out to one last dinner. It's been great to have them as neighbors these past 2 1/2 years. We'll miss them!
Alisha and Lynne (Brian's wife). They've kind of been attached at the hip these past 2 1/2 years.
Our boys with the Aylard boys. The Aylards are just arriving from Canada and their dad Pat will be working int he eMi EA office for the next two years. They also will be living in our house and driving our car!

The Aylard family - we're bummed to not have had more overlap with them, but then again, the fact that they bought all of our stuff and car and took over our house to rent has meant that our leaving Uganda was unbelievably smooth! I think it's been a blessing for both families, as they don't have to furnish a house or find a car, and we get to 'live and leave'!
My friend from College, Ryan Greene, came to visit for a couple weeks. We had a great time with Ryan, and Ryan fit in very well with everyone here. Lots of laughing those 2 weeks!
Our friend Betsy with daughter Ellis - our boys love and miss this little girl! They left in early May for a visit home before heading to Tanzania for their next assignment with the US Embassy.
Betsy's husband Joe and I - one good thing about us leaving is that some of our friends our leaving too. It would have been hard to stay on without Joe and Betsy around!
Paul & Karen Berg just left after being here for a year. Paul worked as a long term volunteer civil engineer in our office and was a great friend and mentor.

Friends Downie, Dawn and Tarah at our going away party. We really have been blessed with a great group of friends here (their husbands Bobby, Doug and Wayne aren't pictured, but they too are great friends!)
Some of the boys' girl friends (two words!) at the going away party
Guard Joseph with his 'kill'! Alisha opened the cupboard and this little guy came running out. So Joseph came in and helped me corral it and kill it.


Anonymous said…
Even on tip-toes Graysen's mother was one of the shortest kids in her class until about the 8th grade! Dad
RDVG said…
Cool pic of me and Grayson! Now that I've finally been out to visit (just made it in time), I love how many of the people I know now in the pictures. I can understand why it's tough to leave!

(and to clarify, the laughing was WITH me, not AT me)

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