Some of our last days in Uganda...Part I

Here's a photo collage from our last few weeks in Uganda...we've met some great friends, seen some amazing places, and have been blessed beyond words at how God brought us to and through this experience. I feel so fortunate to have worked with the incredible ministries and talented professionals at the eMi East Africa office. It's been a life changing experience and one I hope will continue to shape our lives in the future. The Ugandan people will always hold a special place in our hearts and we pray that their country continues to develop into a prosperous and healthy place for it's people where God's love can overwrite generations of war, struggle and tragedy. Enjoy some pictures from our last weeks living in Uganda!

My good friends Joe (on left) and Matt (center) and I watching the English Premiership at the ARA club TV room. Most every Saturday afternoon/evening we'd meet up to watch the football (soccer) matches. Joe is from the UK and is unbiased as his team (Luton Town) is 4 leagues below the EPL. Matt is from Michigan, but unfortunately supports Arsenal. My jersey should give away my allegiance (Manchester United).

Jonah and our househelper Monica had a spontaneous jam session on the drums the other day. The rest of us all came in the hallway to dance to their drumming.

We took the boys to the Speke Resort here in Kampala one Sunday afternoon to ride horses and swim. It was a fun treat for the boys - Speke is a very nice resort where foreign dignitaries usually stay.

Alisha and I having a seat while the boys rode their scooters around the big, paved loop at Speke Resort.

Graysen and his bestest buddy and next door neighbor Liana. Sometimes, they are like an old, married couple together! Too cute. Graysen is really going to miss her.

Our office manager, Semei, got married last month. As a part of the festivities, the bride introduces her prospective husband to all her family, friends and villagers. This 'Introduction' takes place before the wedding on a separate day and happens at the brides village. So all of us who work with Semei donned the local attire (Kanzu's with sportcoats for the men and gomesi's for the women). With the travel, it was a 12-hour day! But really cool to be a part of, and Semei was honored to have so many of his muzungu co-workers attend.
Intern Travis and staff member Steve and I posing in our costumes.
The eMi ladies taking part in part of the ceremony - the presenting of gifts.

The wedding was the next day - back to normal attire!

We were given a special table of honor as Semei's co-workers. I even got to give a speech!

The boys were excited to be able to wear ties!

We don't know this boy - some man we didn't know came up to us at the wedding and asked if his son could take a picture with our boys.
Easter Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny arrived. Amazing how fast that bunny gets around the world!
We had a nice Easter dinner with our good friends Joe and Betsy and their daughter Ellis. They work at the Embassy here and we have enjoyed hanging out with them over the past 8 months. We'll miss them as they are moving on to Tanzania this Summer after a brief visit home.

Our boys absolutely adore Ellis - of course, as cute as she is who doesn't adore her. She is so dang cute, and she isn't afraid to use her cuteness to get out of a jam either, according to her parents. We love little Ellis!


lazrus2 said…
I didn't realize your term was closing so soon (especially with your extension)! I know from our missions experience though, that what seems 'short' to people here was more like an 'eternity' there. But you stayed longer than we did, so maybe it became more like 'home' to you than it had for us(?).
What are your travel/homecoming plans? Back to Medford? We'll hope to see or hear from you soon.
God bless you for this time of service (and receiving even more back as you gave of yourselves =).
Ryan Williams said…
What an exciting journey. I wonder what's next for the Crawford family?
lazrus2 said…
I'm sure you'll be relating your plans again here, but I went back to read your email about this post and had a lot of my questions answered already.
We do hope to see you sometime when you're back in the States, though it sounds like you won't be coming here to live at least for a while.

God bless you in your coming plans and difficult 'good-byes'.

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