Heading out to Zambia

On Wednesday morning around 8:30am, myself and two interns from the Colorado Springs office will board a plane out of Denver Int'l Airport bound for Zambia. We pass through Washington DC where we'll meet up with our full team of 10, and then a 17 1/2 hour flight will land us all in Johannesburg, South Africa before the final 2-hour flight to Lusaka, Zambia. From there, after spending the night we'll drive the final 8-hours to Samfya. We'll return to the US on September 16th, landing back in Denver around 10:30am.
Please pray for: our team's travel to be safe (and no motion sickness for me! :) ), the flight out of DC to not be impacted by either Hurricane Danielle or Earl, our design to be a blessing to the ministry, the lives of all 10 of us team members to be changed, for God to use us as He sees fit to accomplish the work He's doing at the Samfya Bible School. Please also pray for Alisha and the boys back home, especially Alisha as she continues to figure out how to be a working mom with kids in school. (Teaching is going really well, as is my job at eMi, but we're just trying to figure out how to balance our lives as working parents back at the frenetic pace of life in the USA!).
If you want to check out where the project will be, the Google Earth coordinates are: 11d22'00.81" S, 29d33'29.66" E. Here is the Google Earth shot of the site, with the approximate site boundary shown in red:

The Samfya Bible School site, enclosed by the red property line


brian c. berry said…
The berrytribe is praying for you and your trip and your family. So wish I was going with you. Can't wait until that dream becomes a reality and to get a chance to hear the stories in September upon your return.

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