Joining eMi's Disaster Relief team

The boys out trick-or-treating on Halloween - their first time ever trick-or-treating (it doesn't happen in Uganda)!

I have been asked by eMi to be the interim Disaster Response (DR) Coordinator while the current DR Director is on Administrative leave through the end of the year. Being fresh off the training conference in North Carolina, I feel like I have some idea of what's going on but it's definitely a new program to me with lots for me learn. I am excited to be a part of this aspect of eMi's ministry, especially because it is working closely with some other great ministries such as Samaritan's Purse, Food for the Hungry, Water Missions Int'l, and others.
So, new to this position, I received a call yesterday afternoon from Samaritan's Purse requesting a small team of water and sanitation engineers to come to Haiti this next week to help them set up a base camp for dealing with the Cholera outbreak that is on the verge of exploding into a big problem since it's now reached the capital city of Port au Prince. I was thinking this was going to be an immediate test in this new position, trying to mobilize a team to Haiti in a matter of just a few days!
But fortunately, after talking with some of our other disaster relief people within eMi, the America Latina (Costa Rica) office was already anticipating this so they had a couple of volunteers waiting in the wings for this call. I was a little glad to not have to jump into the mix right off the bat, and also glad that eMi has a solid team of people working on this. It's also really great to see all of these different Christian ministries working together, even before the catastrophe strikes. We've all seen the telethons on TV where the Hollywood stars come on and raise a bunch of money. This is of course good and it's great that they use their fame to help people in need, but what's not as fashionable to report on the news is the way that some of these Christian ministries are on the ground full-time and are ready to respond in a uniquely positioned way that allows them to have a lot of access and clout in disaster zones. This is why it's exciting to me that eMi is building partnerships with these organizations - we are now becoming a part of the on-the-ground, immediate response to disasters all over the world (in the past year, we've sent teams into Haiti, Pakistan, Peru and Indonesia to help with the disasters there).
It's certainly worth mentioning that all of you who are our supporters are becoming a part of this strategic effort as well, meeting the needs of the most needy in their greatest hour of need and by doing so gaining access to the hearts of the people to share the love of God with them. I have no idea why God chose to have us be a part of this ministry for this time, but I do know that He did so by calling some of you to be a part of it too by financially supporting us. So thank you to all of you who stand with us!
Here are some pictures of life these last few weeks:

Alisha's 5th grade teaching team dressed up as pirates for Explorer's day.

Graysen's homemade costume for Egyptian day at school.

Jonah with a teammate on his YMCA basketball team.

Graysen's playing too - we call him 'touchdown toot' since several times a game he gets the ball at one end, and runs with it (no dribbling) the entire length of the court to shoot a basket (he made 1 out of 11 shots this past game and thought he was ready for the NBA!). Brodie's playing too and I'm coaching his team.

I went with Brodie's class on a field trip to the Glen Eyre Castle here in Colorado Springs a few weeks ago.


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