Christmas Greetings

Being a part of the ministry of eMi back in Colorado Springs has been both a challenging and eye-opening experience. I have to say, God knew what He was doing. The more we learn, the more excited we are about the impact eMi has on people and ministries around the world.
Last week, we had a guest speaker during our morning prayer time – a former client-ministry director from India who is visiting the US right now. She shared how the design report eMi did for her orphanage ministry 6 years ago has been a huge part of her sustaining an onslaught of persecution from the government as it has cracked down severely on Christian ministries in the past year. Because they had our project report, including a master plan with extensive plans and specific details of their plans for their site, the government has been unable to shut them down. And when the government tried to steal land from her by providing a false survey of her land that made it look much smaller, she was able to prove that it was her land due to the survey eMi had performed for her!
Also, two volunteers have just returned this past weekend from Haiti who played a critical role in helping Samaritan’s Purse's ongoing response to the growing Cholera epidemic. The press has grown bored with the story, but the problem is growing and could become another major disaster there. Our volunteer civil engineers tested the water at the Cholera Treatment Centers setup by Samaritan's Purse and verified that the waste was being properly disinfected to prevent further spread of the disease.
Unfortunately, they also found that a number of emergency water systems they tested in various locations around the country had been contaminated with e-coli. They were able to quickly respond and get the chlorination levels up to take care of the problem, but thousands of people had been drinking from these water systems thinking they were safe.
Anyway, all of this to say, sometimes it’s hard to relate exactly how far reaching the effect is that your support has, but we feel honored to be partnered together with our friends and family to do this work. We really feel blessed by our supporters, that the work we're doing is part of a small group of people who make it possible through their generosity and committment to God calling them to participate in His work. Our support team is small in size compared to most in eMi and other support-based organizations, so we feel especially close to our support team. It’s very humbling to be the ones receiving the support, but God has shown us that dependance on Him through others is a blessing despite it flying in the face of 'the American Dream' and our natural, inner desire to be independent and self-sufficient.
We love you and thank you again for being on this ministry team with us.
We pray you have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!
Love, Brad, Alisha, Brodie, Jonah & Graysen
Santa Claus was not very happy about being caught putting stuff in the stockings.


RDVG said…
Great stuff, as always! I'm looking forward to seeing your new digs and hopefully riding a boda boda into town.

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