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Heading out to Uganda

On Thursday evening at 5:20pm, I will be flying out of Denver bound for Uganda (via the UK). I'm leading a team of 10 design professionals from all over the country (Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin) and even one intern from Northern Ireland. We will be working 15 km outside of Kampala on the Gaba Bible Institute project Master Planning a Bible college on their new site.
A surveyor from British Columbia has already been on site surveying so we have a jump start on the design. We'll spend 8 nights on site gathering information, performing tests on the soil and water and learning all about the ministry so we can help them plan for the future development of their site.
I'm really excited to be going back to Uganda, and will spend some time in our East Africa office and visit with friends for a few days after the project trip is done. You can pray for our team's safe travel, unity, good decision-making, and most of all that we can be a blessing to the m…

Our calling with EMI (and holiday pictures)

In our Ducks' gear, at kickoff time for the big game. The Ducks didn't win, but it was a great game and we had our chances. We can't wait until September 3 - the next Ducks' game! This past week, we have had a 'staff week' around the office. Each day, we've spent half of the day in worship, prayer and other bonding and team-building activities. It's really been a great time to connect with the other staff here - something that happens much less naturally than in the East Africa office. Why that's the case is not for any single reason, but for a number of factors that serve to make connecting as a staff here more difficult:

Geography - we all live many miles apart since Colorado Springs is a large, sprawling city
Cultural - working in an office in the US is naturally much more formal than in Uganda
Situational - everyone has their own lives here, with many having family and friends surrounding them (as opposed to life in Uganda, where we were all strippe…