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Uganda Trip - Part III of III

An aerial shot of the master plan for ARU
Thursday, February 3
Sleep has been hard on this trip. I’m not totally sure why, but maybe it has something to do with bunking in the same room with 9 guys – at any point in time, at least one of us is snoring. I can’t complain too much as I’m sure I’ve probably taken my turn.
This morning after breakfast, the two interns, Alex and Phil, and I went into Kampala to return the hand auger to our office.

Overlooking Kampala - our old 'hometown' This time, when we got into the area where we used to live, I saw a number of my Ugandan friends around. It was so fun to see these people who were such a big part of our daily lives when we lived here. The looks on their faces were so fun for me to see. Their eyes widened and huge smiles came on their faces. I saw our head of security Stephen, our administrator Semei, Joyce the seamstress down the street, Martin and Nasser the boda drivers (Martin bought my boda (motorcycle) from me when I left and it s…