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Haiti Trip - part III of III

The main highway that bordered our site - the line of buildings at middle left is the CEDAN compound. So lush and green and full of potential.

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Saturday June 11th
The only word I think I need to describe today is HOT. It was a clear blue sky all day for the first time and we suffered for it! The humidity is still alive and well though maybe a tad less, but the sun made it very hot. Nonetheless, we took a ride into the nearest town of Limbe, which is about 15 minutes up the road. We all piled into the back of the pickup truck again, which actually felt nice since it was at least moving air! The town seemed a lot like a typical African town, with lots of motorcycle taxis and a big market selling everything under the sun. We walked all around the town, visiting a local church, hospital, and lots of smaller little streets. It really was a good look at a typical Haitian town.
One significant happening this morning was that the wa…