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Sierra Leone trip

This Sunday, September 4th, I fly out on my next project trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone!
I described the project in my previous post so if you want to learn more about it, see below under 'Late Summer Update...".

The 'Africa Mercy' - Mercy Ships' floating hospital that has been docked in Freetown, S.L. since January 2011. We'll be staying on the ship and heading into town each day to assess the three hospitals (pictured below). ...It goes without saying that our accommodations for this trip will be "slightly" more comfortable than on most other EMI trips.

As always, please pray for Alisha and the boys who are left behind. In many ways, the sacrifice they make during these trips far exceeds anything I have to endure. The craziness of our Summer has now given way to the even crazier-ness of the Fall! School and soccer are both back in full swing so free time is at a premium and just getting through the day is an achievement. With me gone for nearly two w…

Late Summer Update...

Summer Haiti Project
Interns Brett and Stacy did a great job of finishing the project report in a very shortened semester. It was completed, bound and sent off to CEDAN by the end of July! The report will make it's way to Haiti in the coming weeks as a CEDAN team heads back to the site.

Fall Project
My fall project trip is to Sierra Leone to work with a well established ministry called Mercy Ships. Up until last week, it was looking like it would be postponed until early November. However, in the 11th hour, I found an electrical engineer to round out the team so we are back on schedule for departing September 4th thru 16th. We have a smaller team of 8 due to limitations on accommodations since we'll be staying on the Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships' primary floating hospital ship.
Mercy Ships docks their ship all over Africa for months at a time, providing medical care for the local people with the help of volunteers doctors and nurses. They also provide training for the local hea…