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Kony 2012

LRA leader Joseph Kony
**Note:This post was written a week ago, prior to the unfortunate mental breakdown of Jason Russell, the co-founder and producer of the Invisible Children organization who produced the 'Kony 2012' video. I hesitated in posting this because I didn't want to appear insensitive to his situation. Obviously, there has been an enormous amount of pressure on him since this video has received world-wide attention and critique from millions, including government officials right up to the presidents of countries. I have no reason to question his motives in producing this - from everything I've read he appears to be genuinely concerned about the people affected by the LRA and doing his best to help. However, in my opinion, it is fair to evaluate the methods he's using to try to help - just as we should be evaluating all relief and development efforts made by the West in the developing world given the long history of problems created by some of those effo…

Sierra Leone Trip II - Part III of III

Part III of III

Day Seven (Feb 9)
Going back and re-reading my first entry when I was in the UK last week, I can see that I was really struggling with leaving home for so long again. I think I’m going through another tough stage today as I am really missing home. After visiting both of the sites we assessed in September this morning and then doing some souvenir shopping in the afternoon, we drove out to our ‘home’ for the next four nights – a small house near the beach about 45 minutes South of Freetown.
It’s kind of a rustic beach house, though it's nice that we get to occupy the entire thing ourselves. I finally get to use my mosquito net that I bought before the trip since I suspect there will be more mosquito’s down here next to the water, and I’ll probably use the 8 D-size batteries I lugged along with me from home too since power is only by generator for a few hours in the evening. I had to hunt around the area to find 4 suitable sticks to use to hold the net off my body – I fe…