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It's 'quite lovely'

We had been waiting for this past Thursday for several weeks now as we had targeted that day as our main 'move-out' day. We had a free truck rental that day from our storage unit so we saved the last of the big stuff for that day (couches, washer, dryer, freezer). So when I woke up at 6am, I wasn't expecting anything more out of the day than the satisfaction of finally getting our stuff out of the house. I was also a little anxious about whether or not we'd fit in our storage unit and what the backup plan would be.
When I got up and checked my email (typically the first thing I do every morning - working for a global ministry means that I typically get 2-3 emails from people at our other offices around the world who've just finished their day), there was a message from Mike in the UK office that he had some potentially exciting news. Apparently, a gal from his church randomly stopped by the office (which is located in a small room on the second floor of the old Col…

'Emi' is growing up fast!

I wanted to share this cute story from one of our project leaders, Bob Smith. Bob, a licensed surveyor, and his wife, Marilyn, have been co-leading trips with EMI for over 10 years.  They are in Kenya right now about to wrap up their latest trip. Bob sent out this emailed update this morning:

"Some of you might remember this from 10 years ago when we took our 1st trip to Ahero, Kenya, to work with the ministry of St. Lukes. While we were there, the EMI team was asked to name a baby that had born during our visit. Well, we all decided that she should of course be called 'Emi', and the ministry loved it! So, here is Emi, now 10 years old and sporting a new dress that we bought her today. She eagerly put it right on. I think on our next trip we should bring her an 'EMI' t-shirt! After that, we need to prepare for her graduation!"

Emi, with Marilyn Smith

UK update

The clock is ticking down on our departure from Colorado Springs. I thought I'd give a quick update on where we're at with things and what our schedule is for the coming weeks. Enjoy!

* I took a successful, 3-day trip up to visit our Canada office in preparation for being in the UK office. It was a very helpful trip and a great chance to learn about how the Canada office works. It was my first time in Canada - what a nice place Calgary is!
* Alisha and the boys are out of school now! Alisha resigned from her job and officially checked the boys out of the school (though she did make it clear that she would love to return to teach at the school when we return, and also hope to re-enroll the boys back at TCA).
* All the soccer seasons have ended! The boys love soccer season so they're a little bummed. The EPL also ended, and if you haven't heard, Manchester City scored two goals in stoppage time to win their last game and snatch the title out of the hands of our beloved M…