UK update

The clock is ticking down on our departure from Colorado Springs. I thought I'd give a quick update on where we're at with things and what our schedule is for the coming weeks. Enjoy!

* I took a successful, 3-day trip up to visit our Canada office in preparation for being in the UK office. It was a very helpful trip and a great chance to learn about how the Canada office works. It was my first time in Canada - what a nice place Calgary is!
* Alisha and the boys are out of school now! Alisha resigned from her job and officially checked the boys out of the school (though she did make it clear that she would love to return to teach at the school when we return, and also hope to re-enroll the boys back at TCA).
* All the soccer seasons have ended! The boys love soccer season so they're a little bummed. The EPL also ended, and if you haven't heard, Manchester City scored two goals in stoppage time to win their last game and snatch the title out of the hands of our beloved Manchester United! It was an agonizing end to the season - Graysen was in tears once again (ref. the Oregon Ducks' loss in the BCS Championship game a year ago!)
* We are in full-swing moving mode, with about 75% of our house packed and moved into storage! I'm sure many of you can relate- moving is not the most fun way to spend your days, but we were blessed with a supporter offering to pay for our storage unit and with some friends here who loaned us their trailer for the month of June, allowing us to move ourselves over the course of the month.
* I sold my Jeep for the full asking price this past weekend within just 18 hours of posting it on Craigslist. I had 8 people contact me about it within a half-day! Fortunately, one of my friends and co-workers here at EMI is leaving tomorrow for Africa for 6 weeks, so he's letting me borrow his car to get to and from work.
* Since we're moving out a month early (our lease contract is through July 31st), the rental company has been showing the house to prospective renters in hopes of finding someone to move in at the end of June so we wouldn't have to pay rent in July.
* We move out of our house June 24th.
* We drive out of Colorado Springs on Weds. June 27th, heading for the Bay Area.  We'll be up and down the West Coast visiting family/friends/supporters as much as possible during July and the first week of August.
* We fly out to the UK August 14th.
* We are in the middle of the very complicated visa application process. We've submitted applications online, paid the fees and gathered a number of important documents. Next week we have to go to Denver to register our 'biometric data', which includes fingerprints, retinal scans, photos, etc.
* We won't be able to secure a place to rent in Colchester until sometime in late July.
* My trip to Guinea in September is almost fully recruited - I just need a structural engineer to join us. The trip dates are set for Sept 11-21 - once again, on the 'Africa Mercy' ship, this time docked in the port at Conakry, Guinea.

Prayer Requests:
* That our visas would be approved quickly and without issues. It is a huge process and our situation is fairly unique, so pray the border agents aren't confused about what we're trying to do.
* Continued financial provision for this very expensive endeavor. We have been so blessed and overwhelmed at what looked like an impossibility. God has clearly provided for our needs in this so it has once again been a great faith-building exercise!
* A renter to take over our house here in COS so we wouldn't have to pay rent in July.
* Sanity amidst the move as two perfectionists deal with a house in shambles!
* Wisdom in packing - knowing what's worth taking over to the UK. We get 3 free checked bags each (missionary tickets) - which is a blessing and a curse! :)
* That we would be good parents to the boys during this transition time. They are fairly excited for it, but there are definitely anxieties attached to packing all your things and moving across the world. They're being troopers, but this month of packing up has been and will be hard for them.


terri labrie said…
Wow! This post just reminds me of your original letter you sent out prior to heading to Uganda that said, "God equips those He calls". Him providing this home complete with a fellowship group to go along with it is "abundantly beyond what we could ask or think". God is so faithful. Praying for your safe travels to California. Love you all!

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