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Good News!

The boys, on a hike with the Morrow cousins
Our visas have been approved, and have arrived safely in our hands! We have a home to rent from a wonderful family, we have visas, and have tickets purchased for our departure from San Francisco on Tuesday, August 14th. Thank you all for praying with us for each of these important hurdles.  God has clearly been guiding our steps as the house we are to rent is not one we even looked for and the visas were approved without any trouble –which we have been told is very rare in these types of circumstances. We are amazed at how God has smoothed out the path ahead of us in His perfect timing.

We are now working on the school side of moving to Colchester.  We are not entirely sure what this will look like as the school closest to our house there (which has a great reputation) is “oversubscribed” and does not have room for the boys.  We are also currently exploring different schooling options since the English school system determines a student’s…