We expected this in Uganda, but in the UK??!

This is one of the lions we saw on safari in Kenya back in 2009...has it been tracking us all these years?!

I just happened to be browsing on the internet this morning and the top story on MSN news was this:


This is 15 miles from our house! They still haven't captured the lion and the nearest zoo, which happens to be in our town of Colchester, does not have any animals missing! Perhaps this beast has been tracking us since our safari in Kenya back in 2009 and had only made it as far as England when, to his utter astonishment, his job became miraculously easier when we suddenly turned up to live in the UK!

A quick trip down memory lane - we went on a safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya in 2009 with Alisha's parents, Ken and Karen Berry.
We came across a lion kill - this was the male, so he got to eat first while the 6-7 females who had done the work and made the kill had to wait their turn. Reminds me of another animal species I know of...though perhaps this guy helps with the dishes afterwards as well.
Brodie looking out the window at the lion - a mere 10 feet from the vehicle (which is why I prefer zoo's ...though apparently even those aren't safe!)


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