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Engineering Ministries International - Guinea Project trip, Sept 2012


Tuesday Sept 11 Flying out for this trip was very different this time. Leaving out of the UK, the day after all the volunteers left the USA, was very weird, in a good way! I felt like I got a bonus day, and when I arrived in Brussels to meet up with the team, I wasn’t jet-lagged. I can’t tell you what a huge difference it was, physically and mentally. It was also a lot easier to leave Alisha, bizarre enough as that may sound. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but then it started to come to me that I kind of felt the same way in Uganda. To contrast, in Colorado, it was always very hard to leave because I was torn completely free of my comfort zone, leaving behind Alisha and the boys to carry-on with normal life, sans me. But in Uganda, and now the UK, we have already left our comfort zone behind in the USA. Of course, the UK is plenty developed and in many ways is a comfortable place to live. However, it’s not ‘home’, and especially after just 4 weeks, we don’t have ma…

Guinea trip - Sept. 2012

(Note: I didn't get a chance to post this prior to departing. But we have landed here in Guinea and are on board the ship, safe and sound. The team is enthusiastic to dig into the project and that will begin tomorrow. It's great to be back on the ship and being a part of the impressive work Mercy Ships is doing in West Africa.)

On Tuesday, I’ll be heading out for my next project trip. I’m leading a team of 9 EMI staff, volunteers and interns to Guinea to work with Mercy Ships at the local government hospitals in the capital city of Conakry. This is my third such hospital assessment trip with Mercy Ships in a row. Since Guinea is a French-speaking country however, there will be an additional element of challenge in gaining an understanding of the situation at the hospitals from the maintenance workers.
We’ll once again be staying aboard the ‘Africa Mercy’,the largest non-governmental floating hospital ship in the world. It’s a real treat to get to partner with Mercy Ships again, …