The Next Step in the Journey

I spy a large eye! The boys stopped to view
the London Eye as we walked around the city
a couple of weeks ago.
Part II - Family Update

In the last post I wrote about Brodie’s schooling situation here in the UK. So you may be wondering about Jonah and Graysen and how they are getting on in school. Well, their journey has been pretty different from Brodie's. Thus far, it most reminds me of Proverbs 16:1, “We can make our own plans, but the Lord directs our steps.” Our “plan” for Jonah and Graysen in coming to the UK was that above any particular school, we most of all just wanted to get them placed at the same one, largely for their emotional stability.  So, we noted that prominently in their school application.
We always like to stop by in front of the Ugandan Embassy
 in London near Trafalgar Square. :) Good memories.

So the first day of school came and went and we had still not heard anything from the admission’s office. We were told that it could be up to two weeks into the school year before we heard anything. Fortunately, our notification letter came that very day.  Since the school closest to our home (which we’d heard wonderful things about) was full, and there weren’t any spaces available at the other nearby primary schools we have chosen (we were allowed to put down three choices), Jonah and Graysen were placed at the nearest school having spots for both of them.  This was the ONLY school that had a place for either of the boys and we were thrilled that they would both be able to attend the same school - just as we had hoped.  So, they started school just having missed the one day, and very pleased that their P.E. kits were the same color as the Oregon Ducks football uniforms. :)

After a LifeSprings Ministries retreat in Zurich, Brad's sister
Terri came for a couple of days. It was so encouraging to
have her in Colchester. We introduced her to Costa
coffee - our new favorite treat! :)
Things seemed to be going well the first day, though this would soon begin to change fairly quickly in a number of ways that probably aren't best discussed in a blog. :) Without getting into all the nitty gritty details, in short, we slowly began to feel God prompting us to consider a new path for them (still just talking about Jonah & Graysen).  In the end, this has ultimately led to our decision to pull both of them out of school at the half-term break (this week), after which I will begin the very new adventure of home schooling! There is no one single reason why we’ve decided this, but a number of factors have led us to this point.  The very large class sizes, the social challenges the boys have faced with some of the students at this particular school, some academic concerns, and the fact that we have a special opportunity this year with me not working have all led us to feel that this is what God had intended for this year. Of course, as a 'fleece' in all of this, we still do have them on the waiting list for our neighborhood school and would put them in should spots open up.

But for now, Jonah and Graysen are eagerly looking forward to having school in their home, having 2 vs. 30 kids in their class, studying about England and having mom for a teacher.   I am also looking forward to teaching these sweet and energetic boys and am thrilled to be planning and organizing our new home-schooling adventure (read: I am hyperventilating at the enormous undertaking of being responsible for their learning this year!  Brad was very kind to remind me that I am, in fact, a teacher. However, it feels much different outside the safe confines of a school, where both curriculum and structure are provided. :) ).   
Terrri and me outside the Castle in downtown Colchester.

Please pray that God will equip Jonah, Graysen, and especially their teacher :) for the year ahead. I’ve been researching curriculum and the requirements of homeschooling –and my mom arrived last week with a suitcase full of homeschooling curriculum for grades two and four from the USA.  She and my dad passed through Heathrow airport on their way to Israel (a trip with their church planned over a year ago) - I am amazed at how perfectly God fit the timing of all this together. 
There you have it – the crazy rollercoaster of life.  Just when we think we have figured out a plan, God begins something new and makes a way through the wilderness to take care of the gifts He gives us.  Before we moved here, we really thought we might end up home schooling Brodie with Jonah and Graysen enrolled in a primary school here. But now it’s turning out to be the exact opposite! Who knew?! Thanks for reading this and following along. We don't pretend to think that our little problems and dillemas somehow are special just because we're living somewhere else. Our problems seem so small compared to things others are struggling with. However, God cares about us all and wants to be a part of all of our goings-on, big and small, in North America and the British Isles!  We love you all and love the fact that we are all in ministry together. Thank you for your prayers for this new season of life.  J Alisha and the boys xoxoxo
On their way to Israel, my parents had a one-night layover in
London so we all decided to go see the Windsor Castle
(complete with a tour by audio headsets!) So fun to have
Grandma and Grandpa here for the day.


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