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Creating Balance

One of the things I learned from my former co-worker/boss/friend Mark Dew was that sometimes, you have to bring balance to a situation. At social functions, if no one was talking Mark would carry the conversation. At work, if I was insisting on one course of direction Mark would suggest that the other side of the coin be considered. During theological discussions, if one particular theology was being favored, Mark would bring up points from another school of thought. In each case, though sometimes mixed with a hint of playful contrarianism,  Mark always seemed to bring a certain sense of balance to the situation, either to ensure a successful social event, or to prevent an easy course of action at work from outpacing wisdom, or to have another equally valid viewpoint of God considered.

As parents, and in particular as it relates to our current situation living here in the UK, Alisha and I are realizing that we need to employ this nugget of wisdom demonstrated by Mark (though I’m certai…