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EMI-UK in the new year

A lot has been going on at EMI-UK the last several weeks so I thought I would catch up a bit. After finishing our Mercy Trips project report early, the last semester ended well and we sadly said goodbye to our interns in mid-December. They were three great and unique young ladies and it was definitely sad to say goodbye – that remains one of the hardest parts of working with EMI. We’re regularly saying permanent goodbye’s to people we’ve come to know and love!

The start of 2013 has actually been surprisingly significant. We were given free advertisement (FYI, my spell checker in the UK defaults to UK spellings, so from time to time most people reading this are going to a) be annoyed, or b) think I can’t spell) space in an architectural magazine so one of the last things we accomplished in 2012 was finally putting together an ad to place. At the time, we never could have imagined how successful the ad would be. As you may know, one of the primary reasons for our coming to the UK was to h…

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year!

As another year comes to a close and a new one begins, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness to lead and provide.A year ago today we would not have guessed that we’d be living in the UK within eight months, but soon after the New Year we started sensing God had something in the works.Now here we are, 5,000 miles away, once again quite surprised at God’s plan for our lives.We are thankful for a lovely home, a very sweet church family that has embraced us so warmly, and wonderful people to work with here at EMI-UK in Colchester. We have watched God faithfully provide opportunities and graciously end others for the boys in the midst of an overcrowded school system.He has placed Brodie in a school far better than we could have imagined and provided resources and a cozy classroom in our home for Jonah and Graysen (where coffee, tea, hot cocoa and English biscuits await us in the kitchen). JGod has given me this teaching ‘job’ and the flexibility to plan around the needs of m…