Happy New Year 2013

Christmas-time at the Tower of London
Happy New Year!

As another year comes to a close and a new one begins, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness to lead and provide.  A year ago today we would not have guessed that we’d be living in the UK within eight months, but soon after the New Year we started sensing God had something in the works.  Now here we are, 5,000 miles away, once again quite surprised at God’s plan for our lives.  We are thankful for a lovely home, a very sweet church family that has embraced us so warmly, and wonderful people to work with here at EMI-UK in Colchester.  We have watched God faithfully provide opportunities and graciously end others for the boys in the midst of an overcrowded school system.  He has placed Brodie in a school far better than we could have imagined and provided resources and a cozy classroom in our home for Jonah and Graysen (where coffee, tea, hot cocoa and English biscuits await us in the kitchen). J  God has given me this teaching ‘job’ and the flexibility to plan around the needs of my two precious students.  We are reminded in all of this that God’s ways are so much higher than our own.

We are thankful for His faithfulness to bring peace despite the unknowns of moving overseas again and have been renewed each day by His strength.  How thankful we are for each of you who have joined us in this journey.  You have played a very special part in the work of EMI and the growing of His Kingdom as we together reach out to those who are in need and poor in spirit.  God designed each of us and has planted seeds of desire in our hearts to serve Him and follow His leading.  We are blessed to serve with each of you, and so thankful for your continued prayers, support, and encouraging emails.  We pray that this next year will bring us all to an even greater understanding of his faithfulness and his will for each of our lives.  We love you all and thank God for bringing us all together in His plan
Love, Alisha (for Brad, Brodie, Jonah and Graysen)



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