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Uganda Project Trip Part III (of IV)

Friday March 1st:

I haven’t introduced the team yet, so here goes: Tim Butcher – Volunteer architect from Sheffield, UK; 1st time EMI trip volunteer Zach Butcher – 7 month old son of the Butchers; a very cute little boy who has stolen our hearts Izzy Butcher – Volunteer landscape architect from Sheffield, UK; 1st time EMI trip volunteer Alan Adams – EMI-EA office Long Term Volunteer Land Surveyor Johnny Martin – EMI-UK Intern; Architect Jaimee Schmidt - Volunteer Civil Engineer from Manitoba, CAN; 7th time EMI trip volunteer Angie Parra – Volunteer Civil Engineer from Boise, ID; 3rd time EMI trip volunteer Matt Lammers – EMI-UK Intern; Structural Engineer Jana Van Singel – Volunteer architect from Michigan; 1sttime EMI trip volunteer Rob Johnson – EMI-UK Long term Volunteer architect who works in the UK office with me for this year Dan Critchley – EMI-UK Intern; Mechanical Engineer me - this was my 14th time leading an EMI project trip
It’s really been a great team and we’ve all got along very well…

Uganda Project Trip - Part II

Tuesday February 26th:

On this project, we’re working with an organization in Uganda called Tree of Life Ministries, which partners with a USA-based ministry called Real Partners Uganda (RPU) in operating a nursery and primary school called the Mustard Seed Academy (MSA). Having been started 4 years ago by a couple from New Jersey, Joe & Elaine Griswold, who were touched by the poor quality of education they encountered unintentionally while on a tourist trip to Uganda, the school is now home to 285 primary school students and 160 nursery school students. While a 3-acre site has been purchased and is being developed for the nursery school, the primary school is still held on a small, poorly equipped site that is leased.
With the growing numbers and success of the school, the ministry has now purchased a few plots of land nearby totaling 11 acres and has asked EMI to come master plan and design a new primary school and secondary school to begin to move the school into for this com…

Uganda Project trip – March 2013

(*Note: If you want to view any of the pictures closer, simply click on the image.)

Sunday February 24th: I think Alisha and I have tried something different each time I’m heading out on a project trip in hopes of finding a way of doing it that will be easier. To date, no such luck. This time, since Alisha’s parents were leaving the same day a couple hours after I departed, we went to a hotel for the night near the airport since our car wasn't big enough to fit all 7 of us plus all the luggage (and also, Heathrow is a two-hour drive from our house, which makes for a very early start for morning departures). So Alisha’s parents were led by Brodie on the train and tube in London and Alisha and I drove with the other two boys and the luggage to the airport. We did have a nice evening in London, stopping off at the Science Museum for a bit (Museums are free in London!) and then dinner at a noodle bar. But when the time came the next morning to say goodbye, it…