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Uganda Project Trip Part IV (of IV)

Monday March 4th:

Packing up and leaving the ministry for Kampala, I was reminded how stressful it is to once again be in charge of meeting the team’s every need, in a place where meeting needs and making people feel comfortable are near impossibilities. Also, making sure I have enough money, exchanged to the right currency, keeping track of receipts, finding places to buy not only drinking water but enough water for teeth brushing as well, and planning a schedule to keep people fed is a full-time job and then some. I look at the volunteers sometimes and think how nice it would be to just be along for the ride. Ha! Actually, I very much like leading trips, and especially in Uganda it really isn’t too hard to sort things out since I am so familiar with the place, places to eat, shop, exchange money, etc.

A few random pict's that didn't make the cut until now:

Today was our closing time, so we had our typical meeting of sharing in the afternoon followed by a team dinner at a nice r…