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Update and February trip out west

I don't know if it's 'legal' to do this, but I'm going to blog out of order! That's because right before my last project trip, Alisha's parents came for a visit and took us out West in England to see a part of the country we'd never been to. The pictures are way better than anything I could describe, so I'll let them do the talking...with some minor commentary in the captions. It was sure a nice getaway from the miserable weather we had all Winter. It's improved some over the past month, but even still, high 40's and low 50's doesn't feel very much like May!
As for a current update...
*Our project report was finished and mailed out two weeks ago! The three interns did an awesome job of finishing it up and we are really excited about how it turned out. And most importantly, the ministry was very pleased as well, though they are having some lingering land issues that could use prayer. Those cute kids you've seen pictures of really…

Family update

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring here in Colchester! The temperature hasn’t been in the 30’s for over a week now, and we’ve actually had a number of days into the 60’s with plenty of sunshine. It’s amazing the difference it’s made. So, a good time to update on how we’re doing here.
First off, some news. Though perhaps you’ve already learned this from other bits we’ve put out on Facebook or by email, we’ve decided to stay in the UK for another year. We had a number of discussions with the leadership of EMI, both in the USA and the UK, and after praying about it, we all agreed that we felt God was leading us to stay here one more year to help the UK office. Specifically, we have agreed to stay on until June 2014 to help give this office the best chance for remaining solvent going forward. At that time, EMI-UK will decide if the office will remain open in its current format, or if we will need to restructure it for the time being to allow it to exist for the foreseeable future - w…