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Updates and ‘lowlights’

It’s hard to believe, but Jonah and I leave the UK to return to the USA to begin the visa renewal process just 3 weeks from tomorrow! We’re going home 8 days before the others to attend a family reunion, while the others are staying in the UK since Brodie’s school doesn’t get out until mid-July! In some ways, it feels like time has flown by, and in other ways, this has been the longest 10 months of our lives! It’s been great, rewarding, hard, fun, boring, exciting, frustrating, gloomy, enchanting, etc. and un-etc. ;)

We have a list a mile long to accomplish for year two, many of it renewing exactly what we had to do for year one. It’s an expensive undertaking, but we are hopeful that staying another year will make a big difference in EMI’s ability to mobilize British design professionals to the developing world. We’ve made some big strides of late, including a partnership with another ministry that very well may ensure that EMI-UK lives on beyond our time here. So we’re excited about t…