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EMI and spreading the gospel

How does the work of EMI help spread the gospel?

Connecting the dots from EMI projects to meeting the physical needs of the poor in the developing world is a fairly easy line to draw. Clean water, reliable power systems and safe buildings that our projects create are all desperate needs of the poor in Africa, India and other places around the world. But understanding how the work of EMI promotes the spreading of the gospel sometimes takes a bit more effort.

A recent update I received from one of my former projects provides a great illustration how EMI’s work enhances the spread of the gospel around the world – in this case, Uganda. A few years ago, I led a team of 11 design professionals to master plan a university campus for Africa Renewal University (ARU). Since that time, ARU has taken the plans our EMI team provided and moved forward at a speed that’s uncommon amongst development organizations.
ARU started out as Gaba Bible Institute (GBI) 6 years ago with 35 students.  Within two ye…

USA Update

We're halfway through our visit home to the USA (to renew our UK visas) so we though we would update you all on things...the visas, my last project, and my upcoming project trip back to Uganda...

UK Visa update

Good news on the visa front - we just found out a few days ago that our UK visas have been approved! It was an answer to prayer that they were not only approved, but the approval only took 11 days (they only guarantee an answer within 12 weeks). We had allowed 6 weeks in the USA before our return flights (a bit of a risk!), so fortunately things worked out. Now, we are all set to head back to the UK on August 27th. Now, about those driver's licenses...

Last project update
The Mustard Seed Academy primary school we designed on my last trip to Uganda in February is already moving forward! The ministry has received some sizable donations and are moving forward with plans to begin construction in the Fall, still hoping to move the school from its temporary location onto the ne…