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Uganda YWAM Project

Part I of V

Days 1-2:  3rd-4th September Having just returned from our Summer visa run to the US 6 days before, I repacked the bag I had just unpacked a couple days before and prepared to head out back to Uganda. I’ve documented well the struggles I have with leaving, and this time was of course no different. However, maybe it was jetlag or maybe we’re getting better at it – or more likely, maybe God was answering the prayers of the many people who were praying for us those days specifically! – but this time we were a bit more resolved about my leaving and the fact that it is part of what God has called us to in this journey with EMI.
In some ways, I think our time back in the US was helpful in that regard, as we left with a bit of a renewed resolution and contentment that we are in fact doing what we feel God has called us to do, however hard it might be at various points of the journey. (I know when Alisha reads this, she’s going to laugh at my saying this because the night before leav…

Little reminders of His faithfulness

by Alisha :)
Romans 7:6: “Now we can serve God, not in the old way of obeying the letter of the law, but in the new way of living in the Spirit.”
With Brad being gone on his project trip to Uganda for a couple weeks, I took the boys to the zoo the other day. They each bought a small bag of sweets. I didn’t buy one then, but after tasting one of theirs I decided a little while later that I might buy some too. As I stood in line with my one pound coin and a scrumptious bag of sweets picked out, I felt a “no” that somehow led me to hang the sweets back on the rack and leave the little side shop.
I rejoined the boys at the park structure just outside the window and we all headed up to toward the giraffe enclosure where Graysen had his heart set on face-painting.  He had been longing to get his face-painted for many trips to the zoo.  Watching all the fun, Jonah soon decided to get his painted too, and seconds later, Brodie was keen to join in as well. As Graysen finished up very pleased with…

Uganda Project trip time!

In just an hour and a half, I'm catching the train to head out to my next project trip in Uganda for a couple of weeks! We'll be designing a new primary school for YWAM at their Hopeland Base campus in Jinja, Uganda. It's my biggest team yet - 14 total - and already one volunteer has missed her connecting flight in Amsterdam. Pray that this minor glitch is the last of the logistal problems we face!
Also, as always, you can pray for Alisha and the boys as their job of staying home is often more difficult because it's normal life but with one parent removed (i.e. pray for Alisha!). The boys start school tomorrow as well, so that's of course on our minds.
Overall safety and good team unity and effectiveness in working together are always at the top of the prayer request list as well. Be on the lookout for further updates on the trip in the near future...possibly on Twitter and Instagram too!