Uganda Project trip time!

In just an hour and a half, I'm catching the train to head out to my next project trip in Uganda for a couple of weeks! We'll be designing a new primary school for YWAM at their Hopeland Base campus in Jinja, Uganda. It's my biggest team yet - 14 total - and already one volunteer has missed her connecting flight in Amsterdam. Pray that this minor glitch is the last of the logistal problems we face!
Also, as always, you can pray for Alisha and the boys as their job of staying home is often more difficult because it's normal life but with one parent removed (i.e. pray for Alisha!). The boys start school tomorrow as well, so that's of course on our minds.
Overall safety and good team unity and effectiveness in working together are always at the top of the prayer request list as well. Be on the lookout for further updates on the trip in the near future...possibly on Twitter and Instagram too!


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