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Uganda Trip and moving home

Tomorrow morning at 5:35am (BST), I head out on the train to the airport to catch our late morning flight to Uganda for my next project trip. On this trip, I'll be working with a ministry called Show Mercy International (SMI). SMI was started a few years ago by an American couple who were captivated by the orphan situation in Uganda. In 2009, EMIUK led a project team to design their 'Field of Dreams' orphanage site.

That site is now partially constructed (we'll be staying in the EMI-designed guesthouses on the site), but they've discovered they have an urgent need to provide adequate schooling for the 150+ children they serve (as well as some of the nearby local children). So our team will be master planning and designing a new primary school on a 14-acre lot they purchased just a few minutes walk from the Field of Dreams site. This team is 15 (+ a toddler) strong, so Mike and I are co-leading the trip. I'm looking forward to that, and to seeing what our talen…