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Show Mercy Int'l Project Trip, Uganda

Wednesday January 29th I helped our surveyor (Sean Williams from South Carolina) all day today out on the site. It was a very hot and sunny day, and the site is very sloped, so it was a physically exhausting day – but a very fulfilling one! We got most of the survey done (thanks to Sean – he knows what he’s doing for sure!). But we also enlisted the help of a few of the local guys who work for Show Mercy. Tom and Ronald helped man the rods, and David helped me at the instrument yelling out to the others since our radios weren’t working. :) After spending half the day focusing too much on our work and not on ‘being in the moment’, I finally took the time to start asking David questions. This is what I learned. He’s a young man (maybe 21?) who has been with this ministry for a number of years. As a child, he had no parents, and no home. He also had no siblings (that he knows of). As young as he can remember, he merely lived on the streets. When I asked who took care of him, …

Uganda trip - Show Mercy International Primary School

Part I of VI On this trip, I’m going to write this blog differently. Instead of a daily journal of x’s and o’s, I’m going to try to convey things I’ve felt God spoke to me, or ways I’ve seen God working, or perhaps things I’ve learned about mission or the ministry we’re working with. Hopefully this will be a blessing!

The basics of the trip are – we have a team of 15 engineers, architects and surveyors coming to help a ministry called Show Mercy International. Show Mercy’s motto is to ‘mobilize, empower and inspire people to live on purpose’. They accomplish this through three platforms: children’s homes and programs, a medical clinic, and mission’s teams. This is the second EMI trip with Show Mercy – in 2009 we came and master planned a 25 acres site for mission’s guesthouses, children’s homes, medical clinic and staff housing. That original project is now mostly constructed and we are staying on the site, in the buildings EMI designed. It’s a great EMI success story!
For this projec…