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Uganda Show Mercy Trip

Saturday February 1st Yesterday, a chunk of concrete fell off the top of the large thatched roof over the dining hall (there is a 2-foot wide concrete cap at the ridge line of the thatched roof to protect water from getting in). It’s a tall structure (30 feet), so if anyone had been struck it probably would have killed them. Fortunately that was not the case. So today, the ministry hired a contractor to come replace the entire concrete cap.
The workers were out early in the morning removing the remaining cap, so I got the chance to look at it. It was easy to see the problem. First, the concrete mixture was very weak – I could break small pieces off with my hands. But also, the only reinforcement used was chicken wire, and this had merely been laid on top of the thatching such that it wasn’t actually embedded into the concrete.
The ministry director asked me to take a look at it and advise the workers. So, I spoke with the contractor, who this time was a concrete specialis…

Show Mercy Int'l Project Trip - Uganda

Friday January 31st When Show Mercy Int’l started in Uganda back in 2004, their core mission was started to help the orphaned and abandoned children problem in Uganda (a problem experienced by nearly all of the AIDS ravaged countries of Sub-Saharan Africa). Seeing and meeting so many children without a mom or dad, or a home, tugged at their hearts to the point of compelling them to act.
As their vision took full shape after years of working and partnering with a local children’s home ministry, they finally constructed a site of their own in 2011 based on the EMI master plan. As I mentioned before, their 3-pronged ministry approach was to operate children’s homes, mission guesthouses for short-term mission teams, and a medical clinic. Phase 1 of the construction was the mission and long-term guesthouses, and the medical clinic. Since being on the ground for the past few years, Show Mercy has had a chance to engage more in the children’s lives and understand more about the…