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August 2014 Update


It had been nearly two years since we'd been through Southern California, so this Summer when we headed out West we went the Southern route. It was me and the boys' first time through New Mexico and Arizona, and the 4-hour detour to see the Grand Canyon for 45 minutes was a first too (Alisha had seen all of these on a trip as a kid).

We got to spend some good time with family and friends - some of which we hadn't seen in two years - and we also camped for a few days up in Yosemite with Alisha's family, another first for me and the boys (yes, growing up in Northern California I had never been to Yosemite before!). What an impressive place.

We were sad not to make it to Oregon this time, but hope to do that on the next trip. Overall, it was a lot of driving but we enjoyed every minute of our visiting and were happy to be back living within driving distance!


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