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The New Year

It's weird how a new year just naturally causes you to become a bit introspective. For Alisha and I as a family, we think about what we're doing and where we're at (given our recent history of moving around, yes, we have to stop and think about 'where' exactly we are sometimes!). But also, at EMI, we have a staff week where we here an annual vision/mission talk from our CEO John Dallmann ('JohnD' as I refer to him in print, since there are a dozen or more John's in EMI!), and then we spend a couple of days going over some of that vision and how we're going to set out accomplishing it.

In recent months, we as EMI staff here in Colorado have been watching some of the videos from the 'Global Leadership Conference' that Willow Creek puts on every year. In one of those videos, Andy Stanley (popular author and pastor in Atlanta, Georgia) talks about the importance of stating and restating your goals and vision. It may seem repetitive or even lack…